Am I a bad mum

Heidi.jowett • 24 years young pregnant with my first I'm pommie (English) been in Australia 6 years :)
I feel like a baby mummy right now 
My little girl who is 4 weeks old on Sunday has been very clingy last night all night was unsettled today unsettled and would cry as soon as I put her down but when I picked her up she stopped 
Before hand I didn't mind as she has reflux which is now under control its been great no reflux pain she has been constipated so had pain with that but that's under control also and I know her I'm in pain cry and if that's the cry I pick her up and comfort her but today it was just a normal cry all day she was over tired so I bathed her wrapped her in a blanket put her in her bassinet and allowed her to have a little cry I listened though the baby monitoring and it wasn't a in pain cry just basically a windge I let her do it go at it for 5 mins and she ended up falling asleep I feel bad for doing it but proud of her for settling herself so is it bad of me to allow this it not 
This is a picture of her soundly asleep I love her to bits