36 weeks 5 days with highblood pressure

Am in Labor & Delivery since Tuesday Afternoon Because of High Blood Pressure and Severe Headache and seen things floating but my pressure has gone down a little but still with headache and i got a MRI yesterday night done and supposedly i was going home today but a doctor came in look at my eyes and said my eye pupid is very diluted (open) and ask other ob when was i been induce and they said it early babygirl only weight 5.6oz and he was like repeat a blood work cuz it was high and know my eye pupil is to open ... HAS ANYONE GONE THROUGHT THIS , WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT ? (any advice will help)  i also have HYPOTHYROID NOT SURE IF THAT WHY BABY WEIGHT LOW  .. My last PREGNANCY SON WAS BORN AT 36 WEEKS AND HE WAS 7lb 13 oz