First comes love, then comes marriage, then a baby in a baby carriage...

I would genuinely love to hear people's opinions on skipping marriage. I just want to clarify - I fully support others and respect their opinions, I do not mean to hurt someone's feelings or tell them they're wrong, this is my opinion.
We are in love and have talked about marriage and children. He is a tad traditional and wants to get married, but in an untraditional way - he wants to get married in Vegas. I think marriage is overdone and a cop out "because we're in love society says we have to" kind of thing. I feel that marriage has been used as a weapon against me with my friends. I can't be the only one who's heard "well it's because we're married" or "married couples night out". I am no less of a loving, caring supportive SO then they are. Their relationship is no stronger than mine. It's just a piece of paper. 50% of those papers end up in divorce anyway.
Don't get me wrong, I think it's a cool idea to get hitched in Vegas, it's spontaneous just like our relationship but I don't think it will solidify or commit us anymore then we already are and have been. 
I also think that mine and my SOs situation works for us. He spends his money the second he has it, I save. But, while are finances are separate, they collaborate seamlessly. Our bills are taken care of and we both feel as though we have money to do what we choose after. And we can treat each other with it. If we get married, I fear that we will never come to an agreement on what to save and what to spend. We've fought about it before and we are a team, but we contribute what we want. I think that makes us both confident in our relationship, everything is just going so well. I don't want to cop out to prove to anyone that I love him and want a family with him.