Ovarian cyst

Has anyone else experienced a very painful ovarian cyst? I woke up yesterday with severe pain in lower right abdomen. Thought I was having a apendex issues so went to ER and had CT.  It showed nothing wrong with my apendex.  Doctor thinks it was an ovarian cyst that burst and that's what the pain was from. Note: nothing showed on CT to prove or deny that it was a cyst. That is just what he thought bc nothing else showed on the CT.  
I had an ovarian cyst about 7 years ago and it did not hurt at all compared to this.  I just had a little pain for a few days and it was gone. Yesterday the pain was so bad I thought I was going to pass out.  Now that pain has since went down and just feels like mild menstrual cramp on the one side.  
Was just wondering if anyone has had  horrible pain from a cyst before?