Soon to be married- our first time having sex!

I am beyond excited to marry my fiancé August 29, 2015!! But let's be all be real, that's not all I'm excited about... Bring on the sex! 😂😁 
Sorry if that is tmi. 
So just to give to a back story, we have been friends with each other for 6 years but have only been "together" for 6 months! (We were planning wedding dates when we started when you know you know 😁☺️) So anyway let me just get to the point.. Im still a virgin and Im choosing to save myself for my husband on our wedding night. He on the other hand has had a few sex partners in his life. 
I am totally ok with this. And I love that he is experienced!!! But I am asking for some advice for me to make my first time incredible. Preparation tips, positions,... Etc. 
Sorry if this is too private for some, but those who are willing to share I would really appreciate it!!!