So strong but idk how

Carissa❤👑👫👭👶👄 • I`m Carissa I have a daughter I’m engaged but also looking for some really close friends and have a little fun every now and then sometimes I’m a sweet down-to-earth person once you get to know me!!!
In the past 7 years my life has changed dramatically so much and now it's the point where I don't understand how I am coping and how I'm smiling every day and how I'm going on seven years ago I lost my father my mother and I and brother started going through a rough patch I moved out and moved in with my first girlfriend at the time then I moved out here to New Jersey with my sister after being in a relationship for 5 years that ended badly my sister practically kick me out got my own place was doing alright then last year in March I lost my job that I had for 5 years but last August I got another job and then in October got another one met my fiance who I am now happily with and can't wait to marry then November of last year I lost my mother and now there's been drama in my apartment with the two other neighbors and my landlord and now there's a possible chance of us losing our apartment for stupid patty cruel people and I honestly truly don't understand how I'm coping and moving forward in life and I've been through so much in my short period of life