How did you deal with the diagnosis?

⭐️Buttercup⭐️ • I am TTC #1 @30 through IVF. Artist/photographer. In interracial marriage (white/indian) with a 15 yr age gap.
I have been a whirlwind of emotions since my doctor diagnosed me with endo. I am angry, depressed, and everything in between. Plus, I physically hurt like a mother! At least my husband isn't completely blowing my crippling pain off as being overly dramatic anymore, but how did you deal with the news? Weren't you terrified? I just started getting symptoms this past February and they keep getting dramatically worse each month and I don't know how I can take it emotionally, psychologically, physically, especially while TTC with <a href="">IVF</a>. How did y'all cope with the diagnosis? How do you cope just with daily living? Like not completely being layed out every period and missing work?