Possible Endo but I need bc.

Zara • 27. MN.

I've been bleeding almost non stop for over 2 years. BC didn't help or made it worse. I've had CT scans, ultrasounds, blood work to check hormones and thyroid issues, but they can't find anything to explain the bleeding.

I have ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. (Do NOT call it IBS, IBD is an autoimmune disease that people can die of complications with.) My disease gives me a lot of abdominal pain, but only my colon is diseased. I almost died about 4 years ago. I tend to brush pain off as "not that bad" after several months of what I've been told was probably worse than the pain of labor. The cramps I'm getting are too low for my colon, but don't seem to be period cramps, either. The pain comes and goes, and it's like I'm being stabbed. It's almost always sharp cramping. I sometimes use lidocaine patches to help.

Women in my IBD support group have told me it sounds like endometriosis. Right now, I'm working on finding a doctor more willing to help me, but I need to know something:

I know endo can cause infertility. I don't want kids at all at this point in time. I have parguard (it didn't make my bleeding worse- the bleeding has been pretty consistent). I plan on removing it just to be sure that it isn't the paraguard, but I sincerely doubt it is. Can I take any other type of BC? Should I just keep the IUD in until when and if I have surgery to diagnose?