Sigh 😔

Ichigo • I have one daughter. I'm also pregnant with my second. Unmarried.
So prom 2k15 for me is tomorrow. I decided I wanted to go yesterday. I was able to get a ticket, got a dress donated and things of that nature. But now I'm regretting my decision. When I told my foster mother she was annoyed. She said I should plan for these things, and I should respect myself more and other stuff. When I told my ex's dad (I asked him to ride me to prom with his son. We aren't going together though) he seemed really stressed. I feel like I'm being a huge burden on everyone and I don't even want to go anymore. But then the people who helped me would be disadvantaged. I now am fuming at life and want to crawl in my uterus with my baby. Plus jitters are keeping me up. Great.