Should I Get a Divorce or Stay? Read Description!

I've considered a Divorce several times. I'm no longer happy. My husband is a good man but I feel like I rushed things. I married him after knowing him a month. He told me he was dieing from cancer. Then after I married him I've moved 6 times in a year. I've had no stability. He couldn't keep a job. Finally just 3 months ago his mom gave him a house to rent. He now has a job. (NOTE: He's 33 with 4 kids from previous relationships!). I thought he would be responsible and have his stuff together I was wrong! I feel like I jumped the gun way to fast and now want out! Now also note I'm only 24 I work two jobs and go to school full time and also have a child of my own who is 4. We do not have any children together nor do we own anything together. We don't even have a bank account or utility bill together. Everything he has is in his mother's name!

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