I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. .again.

I'm 7 weeks post baby.

I feel so careless right now. Me and my husband have a 22 month old and a newborn.

We planned them close together, that's what we wanted but we didn't really have any intentions on having any more. At least not anytime soon.

I had ewcm a day after we had sex, so I took a test a little over a week ago and it was negative. .well for the past few days I've had a ton of ewcm mixed with thick sticky creamy like cm.

I'm having a lot of pregnancy symptoms my main two being the discharge and cramping for days with no period. I've had dreams about water every night (which I know sounds odd) but I dreamed about water all the time with my previous pregnancies.

That's actually what prompted me to test with my last pregnancy.

Today I had some ewcm tinged with light pink spotting.

My cervix is high and soft.

I honestly feel pregnant, again.

I'm trying to wait a few days before testing, so send me good Vives and prayers.

I know that God's plan is greater than mine.