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Amy • Been with my love since 2/26/2010
For the past 3 months i have not been feeling myself at all. I feel socially awkward and dont even want to leave my room. It got to the point where i would cry frequently and my mom said its enough and to call my dr and ask for help. He prescribed me lorazapan but it doesnt help at all it actually makes it worse. Ive turned to drinking because its the only thing that helps me stay happy. I go to the gym every day and try to eat as healthy as possible. What could this be and should i see my dr for this again? I have had a few panic attacks as well these few months. Im nervous to talk to people about this because i should be a happy healthy young adult but something just isnt feeling right mentally. I need support but dont want to seem dramatic or something idk. Im thinking of getting my nexplon removed i got it in in feb this year.