I know cramping is common but strong left side cramps?

Jen • Mom to one very cute little boy conceived with the help of Glow! Avoiding baby #2 for a few years
I know everyone says cramping is nothing to worry about but I have very strong left side cramping. This is not centralised like it is my utrus expanding. I am getting sharp cramps on the left I will get them for an hour or two and then they will go away then later in the day they are constant for an hour etc. I'm 5w+2 and had blighted ovum before now I'm freaking out that this is an eptopic. No bleeding or spotting. I'm peeing all the time, having a bit of very mild nausea and feel bloated, light lower back pain. The cramps have always been a dull ach but today they got enough that it's bothering me a bit. Anyone had this and have a beautiful babe now?