Fuck buddy ... ( long story)

Ok so my best friend and I went to a club for my birthday and we started drinking, one thing let to another and we kissed after that my friend really showed interested in me and the other way around, and we like kinda dated like one week but then I found out that he still talks to his ex, so we ended it up. After that I realized how much I cared about him but he was just a player so I got disappointed and we stopped talking to each other, but a few months earlier we met in this party and were so drunk that we hooked up again and I felt really bad because I was afraid of start feeling something for him again but what amaze me is that I didn't feel nothing but attraction for him, so we agreed to be friends with benefits  but after this decision we found out that we are sharing classes in college and I see him constantly flirting with other girls and his ex of course and it kinda pisses me off but recently I met this cute guy in the same class and he went all jealous about it, but just for texts messages and nothing in person so I didn't mind keep talking to this guy because he always is nice with me  but only when we are alone but when we are with people is like we. Aren't friends and that really pisses me of . My question is should I continue this game ?