At peace with BFN

Elle • Trusting in God's timing while hoping to uplift others. Baby #1 with Jesus. He's not finished with me yet.

I was two days late and really thought I was pregnant. I woke up today with AF heavier then ever and I find myself at peace. I've wanted a baby since I was a baby! I'm 26, married almost 4 1/2 years and we have not been preventing since February 2015. I've been praying for God's timing and not my own because He has proven faithful even when things dont turn out the way I necessarily want them.

He brought me my sweet husband which was a huge answer to my prayers and I know He will do the same with my first child. God has been faithful to me and this is my opportunity to be faithful to Him with my patience and trust. A good friend of mine who finally became pregnant after five years of ttc said "we are so thankful for this season of childlesness, which has made us love the Giver more then His gifts." I pray you all find peace in your circumstances as well and trust that even if you don't conceive exactly when you'd like, I believe God has a plan for your life and that baby, both of whom He loves :-)