Advise PLEASE !

Niya • BabyOne👶 Boy 💙 August14 🕘

Im 29 weeks My baby Is fine but as for me I'm extremely swollen in my feet and ankles I'm drained of energy I pour sweat at night I can't sleep I wake up every hour I can barley keep my eyes open but I have no where to rest I have no energy to even put a pony tail in my hair I feel like s#@t and yesterday It felt like my chest was clinching up twice, I'm just so worn out and I feel like nothing like a piece of air just floating around, people tell me I look lost but I'm just to tired idk what to do I stay at a shelter and I have to be out by 7am every day no excuses and can't come back in until 6:30 my child's father is locked up and I need him home I'm trying to find a place for Me and my son go to school and continue to do better to improve my situation but it's just to painful emotionally physically and mentally I love my son with all my heart and I can't wait to see him but at the moment I feel so alone


Btw I don't have toxcimia or how ever you spell it and I don't have high blood Pressure or blood clots.