Questions from first time mom

Hi i am a FTM 18 weeks now. I have a few questions. Might be silly but i have no one else to ask. 
1. What are Braxton hicks contractions. When can i expect them. Are they false pains.
2. What should i expect in anatomy scan. Is this when i can see the baby in 3d scan.
3. Can someone please express me the process of labor from beginning to end. 
4. How painful is epidural. When is labor induced.
5. How do i decide on birth plan, on props, water birth, etc.. How do i know what is good for me. 
6. Any thing else major i need to know about pregnancy related decisions. 
7. How long does it take to recover back after delivery 
8. I feel word in stomach after eating. Not sick but just a feeling. What is it.
9. Are they any good books to read for the process of pregnancy delivery and after baby is born 
10. What is healthy weight gain on the whole. I was 131lbs before pregnancy.
Thank you