Am I in the wrong??? (Rant)

So last weekend there was some family drama and I cancelled my gender reveal party for this weekend. Well things got better and I decided that I would go ahead and do the reveal for tomorrow. Last night in the kitchen, my SO asked if I was going to do it and I told him no because I was still upset about an incident that happened last weekend. Well this morning, I had a complete change of heart (probably due to hormones) and I texted him while he was at work to let him know that the plans were still on. This is my first child and his second. Well he comes into the house while on his lunch break with the absolute worse attitude and says he now has plans for tomorrow and he will not be coming to our gender reveal...blah blah blah. So I ask what the plans were and he says just to get his daughter and have her spend the weekend with us like she does every weekend. He then goes on to say that he needs time to himself and doesn't care how my family will feel with him not showing up tomorrow. I'm so bummed and can't stop crying because I was finally back in a good mood and looked forward to tomorrow. Am I wrong for being upset?