Af better stay away

Ryan • mommy to niko

The pms symptoms have started. My so woke me up from a short (it would have been longer had i not been rudely woken up ) nap by moving me over and cuddling behind me. Now i know most of you are thinking who doesnt like to cuddle... the cuddling lasted a whole minute before his phone which he so nicely placed on my pillow had started ringing. Now i was aggrivated. He thought it was hysterical. He decided to leave me home alone after he managed to screw up the plans i had for us. .. and then the flood gates opened and i started crying....

I really hope it is baby hormones and not af showing up. Last night i had such a vivid dream of a positive digital pregnancy test.... im trying to be patient and positive. .. as of june 3 it will b a full year of ttc... trying to have hope

Rant over !