Car approached at night.. wwyd?


Earlier today I read about a girl being followed by a woman, long story short it's a technique used by sex traffickers apparently... Because women are less dangerous looking and easier to trust?

Well tonight ( 12 pm) I was headed to pick up a friend to go to Dennys, and I came to a stop sign in a secluded area and a man and a woman came straight up to my car, the man on the drivers side and the woman on the passengers, they asked for directions so I gave it to them, window barely cracked, then they asked for a ride 3 times, I declined, they claimed to be drunk but I still declined then drove away. I passed a cop about 50 yards later, hopefully he helped them ( if they did indeed need it)

But what would you have done? I drive a small, all black sports car, a car I would NEVER approach if I needed a ride firstly, and secondly they were bother older and larger than me and stopped me in a dead area ( about 2 miles from the main part of town), I felt bad on the slight chance they really needed help but as a young female I was afraid to let them in my car.

How would y'all have reacted?