TMI Constipation Drama

I have been taking Natural Calm my entire pregnancy and it has saved me from constipation. Also been taking the herb Rutin for hemmeroids since day 1 because I already had issues to begin with. Things seemed to be good! Welp- went to Mexico and it threw me off my routine a little so I upped my Natural Calm- mistake. Peeing out of your butt in Mexico=no Bueno. So I went off the Natural Calm for a bit, And go from that to brick and mortar constipation. I am serious. I feel like now prepared for birth after the drama of trying to poop this week. Pain, sweating, blood...all very glamorous. Needless to say hemmeroids are in full swing. Able to go normally again thank the sweet Lord, but wondering if anyone has been going through this? I find the only solution is witch hazel and Lavendar essential oil on a Cotten ball and leaving it there after going. Any more suggestions that are natural?