Mad at hubby venting

I spent hours last night emptying my car and vacuuming it so I could shampoo the seats and floors today. And now hubby is insisting today is the day he has to take the recycling to the recycling center. His car has been broken for months so he has to use mine for everything. I asked him 3 times if he was gonna go before my meeting today and he said yes, but no- instead he felt like he needed to mow the lawn that could stand another week without it. Now, instead of shampooing my clean car after my meeting I get to shampoo a car hours later that smells like trash. He had the last 2 days off work (while I was at work) he could have done it but instead played video games all day. He's been saying he's going to organize the garage today but can't do that till the recycle is gone (cause it stinks too bad for him). Errr. Men are stupid. And- if he didn't get mad at the garbage men last year and cancelled service we wouldn't have this problem at all.