I need as much help as possible!

my best friend is going through a mental abusing relationship. I posted screenshots down below of some of the things he says to her. I keep telling her that she deserves someone who won't treat her like that. she is one of the most beautiful people I know.. but she cries everyday because of the things he says or does to her. She won't leave him because she says she loves him. we went out together recently and he hadnt texted her all night. and he texted her out of no where and said "you're fake. I don't want to be with you anymore." because she posted pictures of her smiling and laughing, after they had been arguing and she told him she was crying. I was the one making her laugh, so she could get her mind off of what he was saying and she she busted out into tears in a public place. I can see that she loves him, because she gives him the benefit of the doubt, no matter how horrible he is to her. he tells her all the time that if she doesn't have sex with him, he's going to get bored and leave. and she  keeps forgiving him because he apologizes and says sweet things. but then he goes back to the horrible comments. they've been together for almost 3 months, and he's already like this. she doesn't deserve this at all. and so many people have tried telling her. all she says is "I can't lose him." she tries so hard to be a great girlfriend.. and he does this. I'm tired of standing aside and letting him do it. I've already spoken to him and he blames everything on her and her "attitude." I need people to comment and help her realize that she deserves so much better.. because I can't do it myself.. please don't be rude, she already deals with it too much. thank you..