Biggest lies you were told as children?

What were the biggest lies you were told as children. I have so many😂
Here's some of mine;
- You make baby's by putting pumpkin seeds through your belly button (glad I already knew what sex was though otherwise I would've been that kid to try it😂)
- The person talking in your head is God erm...yeah God used to read me stories all the time. I was a lucky kid😉
- That if you were to do any drugs you would come addicted straight away and probably die. Now I know you can die first time, but erm I've done near enough every drug under the sun and I'm still here and didn't get addicted to mephedrone until I had been doing it for just under a year and that was only for a month and when I realised I went cold turkey and now I'm fine, still good from time to time though😂
So they're some of mine, what are some of the biggest lies you could've been stupid to believe when you were younger?