Anyone else just freaking out about motherhood?

Just wondering if anyone else felt erm, completely terrified about the whole thing? I'm a first timer and it was a planned pregnancy. I'm delighted I've been able to conceive, but tbh quite a large part of me is dreading this first bit. I went to a class today and it was clear all the mummies to be couldn't wait to meet their little ones, couldn't wait to stay at home and couldn't wait to give over their lives basically to feeding and meeting every whim. Well I just feel filled with trepidation. I don't really want to be a milk machine feeding on demand, I don't want leaky boobs, and I don't want to be surgically attached to my baby for the first 6 months of life. I don't mean to sound completely ungrateful - I want my baby, here, now! I just don't want to give over my being and body. I'm also terrified I'll actually just feel very overwhelmed when dad goes back to work and I'll be bored / worried out my mind. I'm just wondering if anyone out there feels the same level of nerves about the whole thing. Or if you did feel this way before you had your first and what happened after?