Af due 6/4 anyone else?

Hello, my name is Kelly I'm 33- this is my 5th month trying for baby# 2- I have a son that's almost 16 years old (was 18 for 5 days). Last November 3rd I was shocked to find out I was pregnant having been told I would not likely conceive again, which sadly resulting in a miscarriage 20 days later 😭- so in January my fiancé and I
Decided to start TCC with no luck- I had a checkup with my obgyn 5/21 and was told everything was fine and wished me luck- I used the opk and it said I ovulated on 5/20- I took a pregnancy test yesterday which was negative- If everything was correct I am 9dpo today so still holding out hope that I'm pregnant- the only symptom I had in November was very sore breast which is not a common af symptom for me, which I have now and I am eating sweets like crazy which isn't normal for me either Fx and baby dust for you all-