Annoying boil

I have had a boil on the inside of my left butt cheek for over a year. sorry if tmi. I have tried EVERYTHING to try and get rid of it. It will start to heal after it pops and drains for a few days and I will think it's finally going away and then bam it swells back up again. I have had 2 different doctors look at it and both tell me it's fine and will go away. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant and still have this thing and I'm worried that it could harm my baby. I have my next gyno appt in 2 weeks so I will definitely be bringing it up to her. Why won't it go away!? Has anyone else has this happen. I am a very clean person and even cleaner since this I mean I shower every morning, bath ever night before bed in hot Epsom salts bath, use polysporin on it, hot compresses, you name it. I had even taken antibiotics that did nothing. 😔