Jaylyn is here! 💕✨

Braelyn • ItWorks distributor
My little girl came into this world yesterday 5/31 at 5:45pm, 7lbs 11ounces! I went to the hospital at 7:30pm at night on 5/30 because the doctor told me that I had preeclamsia and go in if I have any headaches. I was having headaches, feeling nauseous, and feeling dizzy. I went in, at around 11pm they said they were just going to keep me overnight to monitor the babys heart beat. At 4:30am my water broke, I thought I peed myself lol. But my water broke and she already had her first bowel movement inside of me. Contractions were bad at 5am, they wanted to me to get some rest so they gave me a narcotic pain killer through my IV, I was out for about an hour. Woke up at 7am, around 12pm I got the epidural because the contractions were bad. Around 4pm I was 6cm an hour later they told me I'm done and ready to push. Thank god for the epidural I didn't feel a thing. I pushed for only 30 minutes and she came out, perfectly healthy and she's such a good baby, her cries are more of a whine than a scream, she's not too fussy and she latches on great with breast feeding, she attached to me so quickly also, crazy how even though she's just born and her little eyes are closed she'll know right away when mommy isn't holding her! Love this little girl so much!