Idk what I'm going to do..

β™‘ Angel β™‘ β€’ Wouldn't you like to know
Last week Monday I had a D&C because unfortunately I lost my child 😒 there were no signs baby was going to detach on its own/that I would mc on my own so my dr had me do the d&c so I could heal faster, less pain and less tramatic. Since then I went to the hospital for severe pains and bleeding on friday. They sent me home with pain meds and antibiotics. Ended up having to go to the er Sunday because I was bleeding severely again and having horrible pains... they kept me til Tuesday pumping me full of 3 different antibiotics and pain meds and a medicine to. Lose my cervix. The pain stopped the bleeding stopped and all was great! Today it all started again... I took my meds like I was suppose to (pain meds and two antibiotics they sent me home with)... I'm afraid to call the drs... they told me if this happens again I may need another d&c or possible hysterectomy... I'm 24 and have no children... I want so badly to have children of my own, to be a mother... if I end up having a hysterectomy I'm not sure if I could handle that... I just want to cry 😒