Can you do college and still make it on your own? I need to vent and encouragementšŸ˜¢

So I went to tell my parents I wanted to get married with my boyfriend. Yet they think the idea is not mine and I'll be on welfare if I do. To be honest there are a lot of issues but I love him and he has a job and makes enough for his an apartment and bills of course with my help. However, when telling them thy flipped and so it as an threat when we said we could have just done it own our own. But idk I really had enough and regardless if I get married or not I dont want there help at all. Cause I don't want to owe them anything and prove to them I'm actually a strong person who can handle things and make it. Idk I kinda now put in a place I don't know anymore and want to be on my own. My boyfriend parents say I can buy their car off them and I'm planing to get another job and work on campus to make it cheaper. I wanna figure me out. My brother and sister didn't finish college and at least I was trying to do the right thing and leave the house married. I'm sorry guys I need to vent I'm so lost.

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