Swollen & sore Breast

Hey I'm new here!
Wishing everyone Baby dust! This is a very hard thing to do "getting pregnant " (planned) vs (unplanned) good luck to everyone Women that is actively trying keep the faith & hold on. You are not alone .
Well I Used a Ovulation kit The last week if May., I got ➕ 😊 to BD (baby dance) I was at my most fertile day. May 29th bBD for 3 days.
Every since the last 3 weeks I have had sore Swollen breast ( sum days it's bearable other days unbearable) 
It hurts hell it still hurts... My period was due June 17th and as you can read I'm 2 days late today.
Tired of getting my hopes up ! & being let down soooo many times.. Guess I'll ride it out.
No other symptoms 
Just sleeping more... 
Has anyone else had or have Sore /Swollen Breast while conceived or conceiving???
Thank you.