BH often and extremely painful

So I've had BH off and on for the past month and a half. I felt the day my daughter went head down as she had no mercy on me, I literally felt like she was going to fall out. Since then my BH have gotten worse and I can feel her scoot her but up and almost feels forceful when she drops down again. I lost my mucus plug at 28 weeks and the doctor didn't seem too concerned as it can regrow in some cases but told me to etch for any spotting or bleeding which I haven't had. Well two nights ago I was in a deep sleep and was jolted awake by an excruciating pain in my stomach and back that shot down my legs...I could feel her moving around and feel my stomach tighten to the point the pain was so bad I was throwing up and couldn't focus on how many or how long the contractions lasted all I know is it went on for 2 hours. Same thing happened again this morning identical to the last time. I've tried a warm heating pad a warm bath I've tried relaxing and even took Tylenol. I called the triage nurse as they relay info to the doctor and she really pissed me off by cutting me off mid sentence and not letting me finish...she then called back and said well make sure you only work 8 hr shifts and take your breaks and then said we will see you next Friday and hung up...ok lady I do but that has nothing to do with what's going on. I was having signs of preeclampsia which they could only indicate as it being stress induced because it was consistently happening. So now with these extremely painful BH I've been vomitting a lot again and have diarrhea all the time (tmi sorry) and extreme migraines ...I'm to the point idk what to do. I'm always hydrated and active to the point I have to take a break...I don't go back to the doctor until June 26th but thinking if it happens again I should probably call or just go in...anyone else having problems like this or had? I'm 32w+1d FTM and scared out of my mind. My due date is August 12th but I just have this gut instinct and feeling she will be here before then. Any suggestions or helpful advice?