Super long ** is this emotional cheating??

Morgan • In L❤️ve
I went on a vacation for a week with my friends and I called my SO every night updating him and just trying to converse but he kept telling me how jealous he was that all the guys are staring at me in a bikini and the jealousy got so bad that he was completely overwhelming with his emotions and we ended up fighting almost every night ( let me mention he got seriously insecure as well) . I tried making it better but I know it won't be better until I came back from vacay with my friends. 
His attitude really angered me and pushed me away to a point where I said fuck it and just tried to have fun. I went out with my friends the day after and danced with the staff ( not grinding or anything) and one of the staff asked me for my whatsapp which I did not give and we just kind of danced without it being sexual or anything. That night he asked me if I was going to the club and I said no but for some reason I really wanted to go ( I never go to the club without my SO). I went to the club but I didn't dance with him-- I just danced with my friends . I just wanted the attention. 
Half hour later my friends and I left the club and this French guy called me over and asked me if I wanted to hit the club downtown but I said no. Of course he was flattering me and telling me I'm pretty and blah blah but I didn't say anything back I just smiled and said thank you and left upstairs. 
The next morning I had to depart but I went to the pool early to kind of show off in front of the staff guy that I danced with. When I was in the pool he said that  he was happy to see me here and I asked "how are you" and he said that  he's better now since I'm here. 
When I left he just blew kisses my way and we parted.
I never rubbed up or danced closely with any male or flirted back. I just accepted their compliments and just smiled. 
THE THING is i never looked for attention like this. I only acted out like  this because my SO  would just not talk to me and just fight all the time. 
Is it emotional cheating when you want attention from other men?? ( and btw I did not tell him any of this because he will probably break it off with me or some crazy shit)