Question About Checking Cervix

Kayla • I`m 22 years old, married, have an 19 month old son, and due March 14th with baby #2.
This is my first post here, I'm TTC baby #2. While TTC our son, my husband and I just had sex everyday from the day I got off my period until I should've started again. This time is different though. We have a 17 month old and don't have time to have sex near as much anymore. My question is how can I determine when I'm ovulating by checking my cervix? Yesterday it felt medium in reference to high or low, but felt open.. Today it feels high, I almost couldn't reach it and couldn't tell if it was open or closed. It doesn't feel real hard or real soft, so I'm really not sure about texture. Should it be high or low during ovulation? Thanks in advance.