It has been almost a month since my miscarrage. It feels like it was so long ago like I was never pregnant and it was a dream. I am so saddened by this. I am constantly thinking everyday about becoming pregnant again and being sad about the loss. I have accepted it but just wish that I could become pregnant and fast. My heart broke a lil more today for an old aquaintence that diverted her child at 20 weeks. I am so sad and hurt for them. I was almost 6 weeks when I lost my baby. I know everyone on here says that it hurts  no matter how far along you are, but I think there have to be bigger struggles and pains right? I was lucky enough to have a week and a half in bliss with my baby I couldn't imagine finding out the sex naming them and not being able to bring them
Home after
Delivering them. I am so sorry for all of us out there and my heart goes out to all of you ladies especially the ones who have had to push out a child and Love them for months just to have your heart break even more. Please for those who have been here doesn't it get easier? Does a new pregnancy help to heal the pain?