Bills, no one ever mentions the bills

I am experiencing my second miscarriage. My first happend on December 27, 2014 at 9 weeks. We went to the ER the first time. Terrible treatment by the staff, pretty much left me in a room to bleed. Had to use the bathroom as they started an IV, my husband had to physically get hold of a nurse as there was no bathroom in the room they put me in. She brought in a walker with a toilet seat and a pink hospital bucket thing to catch my urine and blood clots. Got an ultrasound, blood work, pelvic exam. Discharged sorry you are having a miscarriage, $100 ER copay Then a bill about a week later the rest of my deductible was due $1250. See the ER my husband took me too was not equipped so I had to take an ambulance ride to a bigger hospital. Then bill for the blood work came and then the ultrasound bill...I don't expect anything to be free. But I read a lot about Dr visits and tests and uterin septum surgeries. How can anyone afford it? Not to mention if you do have a healthy pregnancy with a healthy child.