Who needs a little laugh at my bad luck ?

For some ridiculous reason when I have bad luck I have it all day. Maybe it's my blonde roots. It's usually nothing to bad, just embarrassing, and quite comical. Thought you guys would enjoy a good laugh! 
This morning I was of course running late for work. In a rush to get out of the house, picked up my stuff and close the door behind me, only to realize I left my keys on the counter and had already locked the door. Ugh. Luckily husband was working a few miles away and came to let me back in. (Second time I've locked myself out of our house) then get on the road and run into traffic and an accident has the interstate down to 2 lanes. Then I take my eyes off the road for 3 sec (who knows what I was looking at) and rear end the guy in front of me. Luckily, again, he was cool about it and no damage to either of us. Finally get to work and spill my rationed 2 cups of coffee all over my desk. 
Does this happen to anyone else? When it rains it pours over here lol
Share your bad day stories!