The waiting gets worse

I'm sure everyone on Glow has a different story and a different reason as to why they can't have a baby (even if the reason is unexplained like mine).  One thing I believe we all have in common is the waiting process. Waiting to get your result from last cycle, waiting to start your period for the next, waiting for your next bloodwork and ultrasound, and it just keeps on going. I am currently waiting to hear back from the lab to see if either of the two embryos we had make it to day 6 will be deemed normal or abnormal. Either way, we are now waiting for a consult next week for the next steps/options.
I have learned a few things from this process. 
1)The waiting gets worse. So MUCH WORSE!  It doesn't matter if you have waited a year or 5, it just gets worse with every step
2) I am so thankful for Glow and the support on the Assisted Fertility page.   Most people don't know what to say when they talk to you about the process bc they haven't had to go through it. Some opinions are so hurtful from others it makes you question your relationship with them.
3) The process consumes you, and you start to worry that the people who you do feel comfortable talking to get sick of hearing about your struggle. 
So here is how I feel:
It doesn't matter to me if you had a failed cycle on clomid, <a href="">IUI</a>, <a href="">IVF</a>, or any other form of treatment. I'm sad for you. I don't care if you a have tried for 6 months or 16 years, I hurt for you when your status update is a BFN. So to all of you ladies who I have never met, know I am praying for you. Also know how much your kind words, comments, and advice has been appreciated throughout my own struggle. So as the waiting gets worse, know there is a group of extremely supportive women who are wishing the best for you. It has helped me through my waiting.