I wanted to see what you guys think of something that happened to me. My sister-in-law was visiting me one day and we were talking about baby stuff. So it came up that she had saved all of her daughters baby clothes and stuff. So she said to me do you want to have them for your baby girl because she was also pregnant, but having a boy. So I said yes. Then on a different day, we were at my other sister-in-law's house. Now my other sister-in-law said I am having a yard sale. She said who ever wants to sale or donate stuff, let me know. So that's when my sister-in-law said I have baby clothes and stuff I want to sale. So I said to her I thought you were giving me that stuff. She then said I will sale it to because I need the money. So I felt stupid when she said that to me. Then I didn't say anything back to her. I feel that she is treating me like a stranger in selling me the stuff. When she told me before that she was going to give me the baby stuff and clothes. Also the stuff was not for me it was for the my baby. After all she is going to be my daughters aunt. Now I feel weird every time that I am going to see her because she always invites me to her daughters and sons Birthday parties and we have Family get togethers. I just want to know what you guys think about this?