When I first found out I was pregnant, everyone was happy. My mom would talk to the baby (to the point he would become very active when she talked to him), and she was always interested in what was going on during my current week (info from <a href="">baby apps</a>). Now, she doesn't seem so interested.. She quit talking to him, she never seems to pay attention when I tell her what's going on during my current week. If I have any cramps or pains at all she'll say to me "times that by ten." She ignores half of what I say.. Like just a few minutes ago I was trying to talk to her about when I pack a hospital bag, and she just plain out ignored me. She constantly talks/complains about how big my belly has gotten and says things to me like "I don't know why you're getting bigger, the baby only weighs 2.5lbs." She honestly seems mad at me here lately.. I am trying not to feel upset by everything, but this is my first pregnancy and I'm doing it alone. My husband left shortly after finding out I was pregnant, and I'm only 19.. I feel like such a burden to her and my dad. I have never been one to depend on someone, but if I tell her that I'm going to try to find another job, she tells me no, that she doesn't want me to have that on me. I don't know what to do, our relationship has never felt as stressed as it does now... We've always been close, and this is going to be her first grandchild..