Don't trust my doctor

Theresa • Met my husband through World of Warcraft. Now 6 years later we are married (10/17/14).
I have been fighting for almost 3 weeks to prove to him something was wrong.  I delivered the ER reports myself as well as the ultrasound reports.  No other office would see me because there was a possibility of miscarriage.  So I am stuck with this dr who doesn't seem to care. I had been demanding a follow up ultrasound after my first ER visit.  I was told it wasn't needed and the doctor wouldn't order it.  I ended up in the ER a week later for same symptoms only worse.  The doctor wouldn't even see me again after that just sent me for more blood work.  I had my primary order an ultrasound and I took those results to their office.  Today they called me to say the dr read the report from June 5th and since it looked like twins he wanted to send me for an ultrasound.  I almost lost it.  I asked if he had reviewed the other ultrasound reports I had brought and was told no.  I said perhaps he should since I am sure they will tell him it is too late.  I can't believe this office.  To make it worse my body doesn't seem to be recognizing this so I fear he will want to do a D&C but I don't think I can trust him or want him to touch me.  I am thinking of demanding the Cytomel.  Today I finally got my husband to talk about how he feels and it broke my heart to hear him say he had been crying and feeling lost.  I have been so focused on fighting with this office for answers I didn't stop to pay attention to my husband. I am not looking forward to seeing this OB office on Monday, but I hope I can get him to acknowledge what my heart already knows.   So very very frustrated with doing their jobs for them!