"Just throw it out"

I recently was talking to a friend who has a 2yr old, and she told me that anything I have planned for my son when he's born to just throw it out, because people will get mad at you for what you want. I was completely shocked, because one, who's the one raising my child? Me. Not anyone else. And two, why would I care if I tick anyone off? I am the mother, I have my child's best interests at heart.

I asked her why she would think you would just throw out what you want for your child, and her response shocked me even more. She told me that when her daughter was a newborn she didn't want her to be fed in church, because she didn't want that to become an always thing, and it made other people mad. I'm sorry, but what? You don't want to feed your newborn, who has a TINY tummy, while in a church service that you sit through for 3, sometimes 4 hours? Because you don't want it to be an always thing. But, you sit and eat candy, and drink water while service is going, as does your husband and your oldest child (we go to the same church). I don't blame people for being upset. Its a newborn for Pete's sake. And when she's old enough that she can wait, break her from eating in church.

I in no way plan on just throwing out the things I want for my child, regardless of how others feel. It's MY child.