Men && pregnancy

Just wondering what is your take on it ? Should men get all the credit for getting pregnant or the women. I think women who intend to get pregnant are signing a contract to give up her beautiful body(for those who have stretch marks and gain extra pounds) and to go through so many hormonal changes and please childbirth don't get me started on that!! Should men get credit for something that they are so use to doing and sometimes it's thrown away when using a condom?? I love my husband don't get me wrong I love him more if possible because he is the father of my children but do you ladies give them credit?  If so why, and can you elaborate? If any men here would like to join in please feel free to put your input on how you see it!  I mean women deserve 95% of the credit for all that they go through at least I see it this way. Do you?? This is just in the aspect of pregnancy not parenthood.