Vent vent vent.. (Not sure where to post this)

This may be long.. 👀 Lol! I have been with my partner for a little over a year, we live together in our own home, we are expecting baby number 1 and we are very happy. My family love my partner. My partner lost his job a few months ago, a lot of people got let go & he has really gone through the wars looking for a new job. With me being pregnant (currently 35w) you can imagine how hectic it's been. My dad is a builder/painter/chippy etc and works on a lot of buisness sites. He has offered my partner odd jobs here & there but we've had to turn them down as medically, due to back problems, my partner can not do labouring work & is restricted to office based working. Ive told my dad time and time again about his back & he's always said "he's young, it's nothing" - yes he's young but he has medically been signed off from doing this type of work by a medical professional, he has regular physio appointments & takes tablets every day. They are still trying to find out exactly what is wrong. Any way, I fell out with my dad a few weeks back about this because out of now where he blurted; if this man wants to be with MY daughter and have MY grandchild he needs to get off his ass and stop being lazy.. - I couldn't believe it! Naturally I told my dad he upset me & explained AGAIN why my partner can not accept the work he is offering. He is NOT lazy! He has worked his whole life from the age of 14! 2 weeks later my dad eventually appologised but of course I'm still hurt by what was said as my partner is doing everything he can to get back into work & times are just tough! We need support not spats of anger like that! Anyway. What's really getting to me is that I have a younger sister, she's 18. Her and her partner have been together longer & all that blah blah but her partner has so many flaws that my family are oblivious too. Her partner works and in my dads eyes this is the most important thing but what he doesn't know is that her boyfriend also deals cocaine & weed, the worst part is my sister recently found that he had stashed a load in one of HER bags!! You can imagine she went crazy but she won't leave him. He also asked her to drop him somewhere the other day & she later found out it was to drop drugs off to someone. He's also cheated on her multiple times (my sister wears rose tinted glasses). My partner does nothing like this, he is a hard working honest man and he would never put me in situations like that but because he has no job atm my dad looks down on him. I texted my sister asking what the plans were for Father's Day tomorrow & she replied saying that my dad and her BF are going golf in the morning & then they're all going for lunch in the afternoon. My partner wasn't invited to this and when I asked where she made plans for lunch she went "oh, no it's just me dad and *her bf*, it's all booked & been planned for weeks" - I can't believe it! This is this first time any thing line this has happened and im so hurt, not only by my dad but now by my sister. We're a very close family so I don't understand the sudden cold shoulder! It's so frustrating. I'm not seeing my dad on Father's Day now as he's busy with my sister and her boyfriend. I'm going to make it special for my partner instead and do some thing with him and his parents but that doesn't take away from the fact my dad thinks so highly of my sisters bf who really is a lowlife & so little of mine who is such an amazing man! I'm hurt to a point where I don't know what to do or say to either of them. Sorry about how long this is, I just needed to vent somewhere. Thank you for reading if you made it this far haha!