I wish me and my mom had a better more open relationship.

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Me and my mom don't talk about really anything to do with periods sex pregnancy anything at all like that. I never did feel comfortable asking her questions or anything. My step mom how ever is much more open and understanding. When I want to talk about sex she's always there and not judgemental. I honestly really wish my mom was more like that bc I'd love to be able to tell her I've had sex bc I don't like hiding things from her anyway but I dont feel confident that she wouldn't react badly. I just wish me and my mom had a closer relationship. My goal for when I have kids is to not make them feel awkward or embarrassed to talk to me about sex. I dont think having sex is a a bad shameful thing I think it's a very personal choice. I was raised by my mother thinking having sex was shameful and anyone not married was a slut for having sex. I just wish my mom was different bc I would love to be able to talk to her about all this. It just really sucks keeping anything from her or anyone. I like to be a totally honest person and I can't be with her. I hate it.