So Frustrated! Advice, Opinions, Etc.. Welcomed!

So I know when I explain why imfrustrated some people may think I'm overreacting but I'm really just venting right now. If you have any advice or anything like that you're more than welcome to share! So first let me tell you why I'm frustrated. My boyfriend (11 yr age difference) drinks. I don't drink. We have had 1000 discussions on why I don't want him to come home and drink everyday. He's not someone that. will drink 1 or 2 and stop. When he drinks it's usually an all or nothing deal. BACKSTORY TIME.....when I was little my dad was an alcoholic. He wasn't around very much until I was about 8 or 9. He eventually cleaned himself up and now we have a great relationship but that doesn't mean I've forgotten things he did before he stopped drinking. My bf and I have a 6 year old and I don't want him growing up seeing his dad drink and then pass out on the couch every night. So like I said, my bf knows how I feel about him drinking...he always says he will stop but he never does. We are currently TTC and when we first talked about trying I told him either he could stop drinking or I was staying on my BC. He agreed to stop so I came off of it. Now, I've held up my end but he hasn't held up his. I really want to get pregnant but I absolutely do not want to bring a baby into this world having a dad who drinks all the time. Ive told him twice I'm going to get back on my BC but he continues to drink. I'm about to get back on for real but I don't want to get back on it and then it take years to conceive because of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on other ways to get it through to him? Btw it's not like I don't let him drink at all ever. Special occassions I don't say anything about like weddings and that kind of stuff.