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I know this might sound completely ridiculous but it was driving me nuts yesterday. My friend is 23, she's never made the best choices and has proven time and time again that her friends and family cannot rely on her to make the decisions that really impact her life. She is 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby, a baby she cannot actually take care of. The guy who got her pregnant is in short scum, he has a really shady past including some sort of fraud that has lead to his inability to get a bank account. He can't take care of himself like a proper adult, he doesn't pay his bills on time. He has a drug and gambling addiction that he refuses to acknowledge or get help with and he is pulling her doe completely. They fight all the time. He wants to propose to my friend and she wants to say yes but I keep looking at her and satin don't do it, getting engaged isn't the right thing to do when y'all have so many things to work out. She doesn't listen. She also says "I want a destination wedding, but I can't justify a big wedding when my money has to go to my baby" I told her to try eloping to somewhere like NYC or LA someplace not outside the U.S. Since they're in a budget...even told her to try staying in the state and all she wants is a big wedding she can't afford in a location no one can afford to get to. 
I know it seems petty but her naïveté makes me insane, she's been horrible to me since she got pregnant and I've been taking care of her more than her  SO has, she has in numerous occasions said, "You're only bitter and jealous because you can't get pregnant without dying or losing the baby" she then turns around and blames everything on her hormones....
Sorry I just needed to rant a bit....I love this girl like she's my sister but she makes such poor decisions and has such crazy ideas about how she wants her life but in all honesty she can't take care of herself, her pets, or this baby.