9β€’20β€’16πŸ’™ β€’ Mommy of 3😊 Expecting our 4th πŸ’™
So I've been going to the same dr this entire pregnancy. I've really wanted to switch docs for quite some time now but it didn't make sense once I hit my third trimester. This is pregnancy #2 for me the 1st I was high risk with twins.. Different doc different city. Now it's just 1 baby in here and I'm not high risk! But the way my dr operates really bothers me sometimes. I just had my 3rd ultrasound 2wks ago (only because I asked) I was 34wks.. Before that I hadn't had one since I was about 16-20wks when he had me checked for any high risk possibilities. Well ever since that 2nd ultrasound Β he has not mentioned to check baby's weight or anything.. I feel like all the things that are supposed to be done I have to ask for.. Is this normal?? I know every doc can be different but everyone I know hates this doctor... BUT all had healthy babies...Β