Is it wrong??

My SO currently of one year asked for me to send "sexy" photos. In our entire year of dating hes never pressured me into sending those photos or even asked. He doesnt even send suggestive texts until now. I kinda just blew it off and said no youre being silly. But he kept asking saying he'd send a picture back. It made me uncomfortable cause i didnt want to. Ive had bad experiences with someone leaking my provate photos before. It caused a serious trust issues. I dont like "sexting" of any kind personally. So i just blew it off i was kinda upset and stopped replying.. I dont know how to tell him that it makes me get a bad feeling or uncomfortable when he sends those kinds of things im scared he might take it the wrong way.And the weird part is hes never done this before!! Its getting a weird gut feeling..Why did he change? Is it wrong for me to feel this way??😕