Anyone else have pets?

Krystle • TTC a rainbow

I have 3 dogs with my husband (1 is his, 2 is mine). After the last 3 pregnancy tests were negative- my husband and I have been having sex every day instrad of just every so many days (one month it was only 6 times that entire month)- we are even having it 2 even 3 times- feel like when we first started 4 years ago.

Why I ask if you have pets- the dogs are acting weird around me now. My clingy girl of 12 yrs, Angel, now wants nothing to do with me. She also watches Derek and I have sex- its kinda creepy. Beefcake (husbands dog) normally wants to sleep with me in bed- runs when he sees me get into bed. He wants absolutly nothing to do with me- and he also been acting out. He pooped in my excercise room- stole my breakfast (stuck is large head in it b4 I could stop him) and he has been running away. China, though, has always wanted to be alone- now wants to sit on the couch with me and only me- she still wont have anything to do with anyone else.

Anyone else experiencing this with their pets?